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Tracklist :

01 Revelations : Fields of Battle

02 Revelations : Gone to Hell

03 Revelations : Cursed

04 Revelations : Rising Empire

05 Revelations : Metamorphosis

06 Ascension : Insomnia

07 Ascension : Witness

08 Ascension : Evil I Am

09 Ascension : Two Faces

10 Ascension : Voices

Like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, a new era is coming for mankind. Metamorphosis speaks about a drastic change that is happening on an individual and consequently on society. The first chapter - Revelations - describes the initial state of change and the inner battle to fight this change. Once it has been embraced and recognized as an evolution, chapter two - Ascension - develops what this individual has become and the impact he causes on the world after taking full advantage of his new being.

Recorded and produced by Narciso Monteiro/Heylel at Interstellar Cloud Studios in Porto, Portugal, Metamorphosis is the result of the new and stable band lineup that Heylel have gathered in 2017. It features Ana Batista on vocals, Narciso Monteiro on guitars, synths and mellotron, João Amorim on bass, Ana Clérigo on violin, Jesus Anjos on piano and Miguel Barbeira on drums.



Tracklist :

01 Lost Childhood

02 Shades of Time (feat. Ky Fifer)

03 The Big Runaway (feat. Erik Laan)

04 Fallen Angel

05 Lost and Found

06 You Should Have Known

07 Ghosts

08 Rollercoaster (feat. Francisca Ribeiro)

09 On My Deathbed (feat. Kristoffer Gildenlow)

10 Le Dernier Troubadour

The new progressive masterpiece from Narciso Monteiro, creator of Nebulae and Flesh, featuring special guests : Kristoffer Gildenlow (ex Pain of Salvation) Ky Fifer (Philhelmon) Erik Laan (Silhouette) Francisca Ribeiro (Malaboos) and more...

FLESH (2015)


Tracklist :

01 Saints

02 Heritage

03 An Old Man's Tale

04 Denial

05 Paranoid Hysteria

Barely more than one year after the release of the band’s debut album “Nebulae”, which caught quite some attention on rock,progressive and metal press and fans, Heylel deliver their second effort “Flesh”. In “Flesh”, the band shows a less experimental and synthesized sound but rather rely more on guitars, giving the band a more straightforward rock sound. This doesn’t mean the ambiance and odd structures on “Nebulae” were completely lost, as they are still pretty noticeable but, contrary to its predecessor ,“Flesh” isn’t a concept album. It’s a collection of songs that show a more raw and direct approach to music.

NEBULAE (2014)

Tracklist :

01 An Interstellar Cloud : Hope

02 An Interstellar Cloud : The Prophet

03 An Interstellar Cloud : Watcher of the Light

04 A Newborn Star : Alter Ego

05 A Newborn Star : The Sage

06 A Newborn Star : Deeper

07 Red Giant : Wings of Eternity

08 Red Giant : I Talk to the Wind

09 White Dwarf/Black Dwarf : The Great Abstinence

10 White Dwarf/Black Dwarf : Sometimes

11 White Dwarf/Black Dwarf : Embrace  the Darkness

The band's debut album is undoubtfully inspired by its creator quest for enlightenment and meaning. "Nebulae" is a conceptual vision over life and death, represented in the form of a star life-cycle. The record is presented with eleven tracks divided into four chapters, from a star birth until its extinction, creating intense emotional passages through life's stages.

"Nebulae" delivers a strong, dark but yet hopeful atmospheric sound, sometimes almost resembling a movie soundtrack. It combines all their progressive rock influences, including a cover for King Crimson's "I talk to the wind" and ELP's "The Sage", with more contemporary alternative sounds, ranging from the exploding power of "The Prophet" and the ultra heavy guitars on "Watcher of the Light", to smooth and peaceful sounds like "Deeper" or "Wings of Eternity", with this last one resembling also baroque influences.

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